The Federal Government included 13 airports in the portfolio of the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI).The concession of the airports shows  a new profile with foreign groups, which, according to President Michel Temer, marks the regain of the country ‘credibility in the international scenario’.

The airports included in the list for future concession are Vitória (ES), Recife (PE), Aracajú (SE), Maceió (AL), Macaé (RJ), Juazeiro do Norte (CE); Campina Grande e Bayeux, na Paraíba (PI); and Várzea Grande, Rondonópolis, Sinop, Alta Floresta e Barra do Garças (MT). According to the presidential decree, airports may be granted individually or in blocks, according to a decision that will be subsidized by the studies of privatization models.

In addition, with the departure of Congonhas from the concessions program, the government intends to include Santos Dumont Airport (RJ), and there are still studies to auction in one block the terminal of Manaus and the regional airports of Amazonas. During an event in which the government presented the concessions program abroad, the airport blocks attracted a great deal of interest from the investors, who showed more enthusiasm in the new block than in the Congonhas Airport, since the São Paulo airport involves risk because it is located in the center of a large city.