Fraport Brasil will invest more than R$ 600 million in space, carrying out works in the loading and unloading yard, installing a new automated baggage and safety control system, terminal and lane expansion, remodeling of the road system, remodeling  the taxiway and 12 aircraft boarding bridges and the respective courtyards.

During the next three months, the new administrator is under supervision of Infraero (Brazilian Company of Airport Infrastructure). After this period, Fraport will have the right to administer the equipment for the next 30 years if it complies with the obligations laid down in the agreement.

In addition, Pinto Martins Airport will still receive improvements in bathrooms and baby lockers, terminal signage, general surface maintenance in passenger areas, improvements in air conditioning, escalators, treadmills, luggage elevators and conveyor belts, free wi-fi with high speed and external lighting for access the roads, parking lots, passenger terminals and loads.