RB Capital and the LATAM Group signed an agreement to build a hangar for the implementation of the Line Maintenance Center at Guarulhos International Airport. The construction of the hangar aims to develop a structure that promotes efficiency in operations and will base LATAM’s most modern aircrafts, such as the A350.

The Line Maintenance Center will also have workshops and inventories of aeronautical components, as well as improving several existing processes, such as conducting tests on engines, for example. The investment will be of R $ 130 million and will be made from the model ‘build to suit’, that is, the enterprise will be realized according to specifications made by the company and with a lease for up to 14 years.

The works, which are in charge of Libercon Engenharia, enable the new building to serve seven aircraft from two aisles or up to 19 aircraft from a single aisle. The project is unique in Latin America and has several technological innovations, such as the Jet Blast Deflector.