The Hobeco group confirmed the sponsorship of the next edition of the Airport Infra Expo, counting on engineering, meteorology and technical professionals from a wide range of sectors, operating in aviation through services such as visibility measurement, cloud height measurement, aviation wind measurement , surface weather stations and digital displays.

According to the director of the group, Gilson Lima Feitosa, there is a permanent need for adequate safety conditions in airport operations, which brings the prospect of continuous investments to the market and which means a positive expectation for the resumption of the market for the next years: “It is public and notorious that the country needs to improve its infrastructure, responsible for the so-called ‘Brazil Cost’. By believing that these investments will be realized, HOBECO, integrated to the process of development of the sector, remains an active and competitive participant of this market.”

In addition, the director points out that the predictability of investments and the existence of clear rules facilitates business and economic decisions necessary for the development of any sector. According to him, the importance of an event such as the Airport Infra Expo is in bringing visibility to the sector: “The meeting between the participants of this market, the availability of information, the possibility of prospecting and the perspectives that can be perceived are highly relevant factors that recommend the Airport Infra Expo event”.