The Closing Roundtable, which will take place at 6:00 pm, will discuss the outlook for the sector in the coming years, based on the economic, regulatory and business environment. The confirmed speakers are the leading partner of Government and Infrastructure at KPMG, Maurício Endo; the President of Urban Systems, Thomaz Assumpção; and the President of BF Capital, Renato Sucupira.

According to Mauricio Endo, the first step towards recovery is to establish a long-term planning for the sector, indicating the short, medium and long-term guidelines for capacity expansion and improvement of service quality to be provided by user.

“The Federal Government / Civil Aviation Secretariat needs to establish a long-term Strategic Plan for the Brazilian airport sector, indicating the future planned integrated operation (INFRAERO operation, PPP, regional aviation). establishing a clear governance for the sector (defining the future and role of INFRAERO in the sector and strengthening the ANAC / regulatory agency) and establishing a priority and integrated list of expansion projects for existing airports and new future airports according to projected demand, similar to what is done in the Electric Sector with five-year and 10-year capacity expansion plans”.

Thomaz Assumpção also states that the first step towards the resumption of the sector is in planning: “Is in the set of actions that involve the main aviation stakeholders, from the definition of clear rules by the government and the regulatory agencies that provide security to the investors of the sector, to the planning of the improvement of the Brazilian air network, fomented by specialists, airlines and operators, supported in the understanding of the economic connectivities that exist between cities and regions, generating necessities of adjustments and modernizations in our airports, be it of regional scale, or the major airports in the country”.

The Airport Infra Expo will be held in Brasília on April 26. For more information on the Closing Roundtable, click here.