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Seminars that fundament, strengthen and complement the exhibition will take place simultaneously to Airport Infra Expo. These events will present concrete experiences of national and international initiatives about how to make airport and commercial aviation business feasible in several contexts. The seminar program will gather distinguished speakers and themed sections, where aspects of ground handling, air traffic control, non airport income, security and IT will be discussed.

Plenary sessions – Presentation of international and national leaders, focused in concrete initiatives such as airport and commercial aviation development in Brazil and worldwide.
Themed sessions – Discussions panels of the seminars´ main subjects.
Strategic schedules – Presentation Airport Solutions

Call for Papers: objective and proposal
This Call for papers aims to draw papers that contribute in an innovative way for the Brazilian airport development, selecting the most adequate papers to be presented on one of the panels of the Airport Infra Expo in April of 2018 in Brasilia city, Brazil.

Who can participate
The 7th edition of Airport Infra Expo Call for Papers is intended to researchers, scholars, entrepreneurs and organizations that have projects and studies dedicated to innovations and solutions that will make the Brazilian Airports.

Send e-mail to airportinfraexpo@sators.com.br  and request the form to fill out. See bellow the propose content:

Technology, Security & Automation
_Innovation and connectivity
_Sensorial and emotional passenger experience
_Self service
_Luggage processing and location
_Faster security processing based on passenger profile

Airport Cities and Regional Aviation
_Concept model
_City extension
_Architecture, urbanism and mobility
_Hotel, shopping, university, logistic and commercial center

_Environmental license

Management & Regulation
_Regulation and certification
_Stakeholders management
_Interpretational Governance
_Man power formation

Construction & Design
_Infrastructure model
_Construction and installations
_Financial models
_How the necessary investment will be achieved
_Public and private partnership

Control Tower
_Air traffic control
_Systems and equipment

_Air transport auxiliary services
_Yard and slope equipment

Retail, Services, Airport Publicity
_Income Models
_Description of how incomes are generated
_Income flow
_Airport map: script of services options, retail and restaurants

Commercial Options in the Airport
_Architecture in commercial areas, local culture influence, passenger profile in airports, advertising campaign for local, regional, national and international airports