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Having a GDP of R$ 4,8 trillion (data of 2013) and 201 million inhabitants, Brazil is considered the seventh economy of the world. The country is known for its hospitality and with the recent reforms in the infrastructure, has been receiving tourists from all over the world very well.

Below are some important information you should know:

Territorial area – 8.514.876,599 km².

States – 27 federative units, with 26 states and a federal district.

Political system – Brazil is a Presidentialist Federative Republic, formed by the Union, states and municipal districts.

Time – GMT + 3:00

Language – Portuguese as official language.

Currency – Real – bills R$ 100,00, R$ 50,00, R$ 20,00, R$ 10,00, R$ 5,00 and R$ 2,00 and coins R$ 1,00 R$ 0,50, R$ 0,25, R$ 0,10 and R$ 0,05.

Currency Exchange – Currency Exchange places can be found on the most important commercial and shopping centers in São Paulo.

Visa – The foreign visitor must fill up the Formulário de Pedido de Visto (Visa Request Form) – available in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English – individually, meaning that even if the visitor comes with someone underaged, both must fill up their own forms. The visa request for Brazil can be issued at any brazilian consulate abroad. It is mandatory the payment of a tax, that varies accordingly to the type of visa requested and with the time to be spent in land. It is important to remember that the passport must have, at least, six months until the expiry date, counting from the visa request. It is also necessary a recent 3x4cm or 5x7cm color photo with white background.