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The sixth edition of Airport Infra Expo counted on the participation of authorities and representatives of big companies of the Brazilian airport sector, the meeting provided discussion about the sustainable development of the sector.

The event happened at Brasil 21 Event and Convention Center, on the morning and afternoon of April 14th, 31 speakers dedicated to debates and lectures divided in panels and pop-up panels about themes such as: airport concessions, cargo air transport, the legacy left by the Olympics, in addition to the presentation of a ranking with the city airports with potential to be developed through PPPs.

Parallel to the seminar happened the Airside Operations Management Workshop, a workshop about surface surveillance sponsored by SAAB Group, aiming to present the surface surveillance as a connection on the air operations and the importance the A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) culture for the connection in all levels of airport control.

To spread information about the event, it was sent e-mail MKT, Newsletters and Press releases, 101.387 sending in total. 175 seminarians and 22 brands were on the event.

The Business Roundtables were important to make possible the access to different international markets on a fast and efficient way, providing opportunities of meetings with companies with potential to become clients or partners. On 2016 edition, 20 meetings happened during the event.

The next Airport Infra Expo will happen on a new format in 2017 during IBAS – International Brazil Air Show. However, it will keep gathering authorities of the public sector and representatives of large private companies to debate the improvement for the Brazilian airport infrastructure sector.

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